Our team is passionate about charities, social enterprises and public service organisations. Members have worked together on multiple award-winning campaigns for some of the biggest charities and government departments.

But in a traditional marketing agency setting, smaller charities and social enterprises always seemed to be priced out of the market.

We decided it was time for that to change and so Campaign Collective was founded.

The Collective’s clients have access to the experience, flexibility and affordability traditionally associated with hiring freelancers combined with the scalability, breadth of skills and range of expertise a communications agency offers.

Learn more about our Members:

Louise Akers, Beth Andlaw, Christina BellDelia Antoine Burdett, Sarah Colombini, Gemma DavidsonShelley Doyle, Joe DybleSimon Francis, Charles HeymannLaura Jane HicksGraeme Mill, Hannah Minney, Ian MortonNicola PutnamHeather Rogers & Tom York.

We are also proud to work with Associates and their firms to help deliver campaigns:

Nikki Anderson, Sally Castle, Jane CoxMarsha D’Angelo, John DunfordJane Hales, Helen Richardson & Ben Verinder.

All Members, Associates and Clients are expected to abide by our Ethical Practice Agreement. If you’re interested in becoming a Member or an Associate of the Collective, read this information then get in touch. 

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