Campaign Collective day rates are benchmarked to be around half that of other marketing agencies and by working with us, our clients are also helping support the Collective’s social enterprise activity: supporting micro charities, start-up campaigns and the next generation of communications professionals.

For all work we have two day rates (+VAT or local taxes if applicable):

CREATE (coming up with the campaign):

£500 / €600 / $800

BUILD AND DELIVER (developing and putting the campaign into practice):

£400 / €500 / $700

For any “brought in services” we will charge a 10% fee (compared to the industry average of 15%) which goes into our social purpose fund (but we are always happy for clients to buy these directly with suppliers to avoid this cost).

We do not “mark up” expenses or charge for “office costs” (unlike almost half of our competitors). We are totally transparent on our expenses.

Profits are invested in our “social purpose fund” through which we then deliver on our social purpose. For more details on what we’ve delivered read our annual reports and check out our first major initiatives the Freedom To Campaign Guide and The Rooftop.

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