Charities Against Hate launches first virtual event

Charities Against Hate will host its first online event on the 16th November 2021, exhibiting the work it has done in combating online hate speech and to agree plans for the future. 

Charities Against Hate is a collection of over 37 charities that highlights the online abuse that occurs on a daily basis on social media, spreads awareness of how to deal with online abuse and campaigns for stricter protection and safety online. 

In recent years, leading social media platforms such as Instagram and Facebook have started to recognise their responsibility to prevent the dangers of online hate, and have often responded to this with new policies.

However online hate is still at the highest levels ever seen, with anonymous access to the internet becoming increasingly widely available. 

A recent survey conducted by Charities Against Hate revealed 81% of participants had experienced online hate themselves, or had witnessed someone else experiencing online hate. This number highlights the need for events like this to get some momentum going in order for action to be taken.

The event will also feature guest speakers, coming from a range of career backgrounds; political, PR communications, and charities themselves. Some of the speakers, such as Simon Francis from Campaign Collective, will use the online event to discuss the latest developments in the Online Safety Bill currently being discussed in Parliament. 

To find out more about how you can get involved in the fight against online hate, sign up at:


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