International Day of Peace marks its 40th anniversary

Today sees the 40th anniversary of the International Day of Peace, a United Nations sanctioned day devoted to strengthening the ideals of peace.

One such organisation making a difference here is United World Colleges (UWC), a global movement using education as a tool to unite people from all backgrounds, with the common goal of peace and a sustainable future. Campaign Collective is proud to be supporting UWC achieve this goal, working with the organisation since 2019.

Many countries will be celebrating the day by recognising the importance of a peaceful future, and reflecting on the world’s turbulent past. For UWC however, they recognise that warfare is still very much a reality for many young people around the globe once International Day of Peace comes to an end.

Only recently they launched a fundraising campaign, which could see up to 20 young people from Afghanistan given a scholarship to study at one of their 18 schools around the world.

The current climate in Afghanistan has meant the future for young people is uncertain – with a particular concern about the impact it could have on women. Many organisations are acutely aware of the repercussions the current crisis could have on their future. The last decade saw the highest-ever number of people internally displaced by conflict and violence, with many locked in a state of displacement. There are an estimated 51 million new and existing IDPs (internally displaced persons), and the number of refugees has doubled to 20 million.  

Unfortunately, the reality of finding safety and refuge during war often means things like education, mental wellbeing, and emotional support do not receive immediate attention. For many refugees once they are safe, the impact of missing out on an education while they were displaced can stay with them for years to come – even a lifetime. 

With the UN claiming that a good education is key to escaping poverty and enabling upward social mobility, Campaign Collective recognises the importance of giving everybody access to an education in a safe and encouraging environment. 

Ian Morton, member of Campaign Collective said:

The absence of conflict and proposing a ceasefire for one day a year is not enough. Peace needs to be reached in all aspects of our lives. We need to actively come together and show up for the refugee community, and show we do care. To show that we care, not only about their basic safety, but about them having a prosperous and abundant future.

For more information about UWC’s scholarship programme, and to donate, please visit:




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