Industry Benchmarks Indicate Collective Differences

The latest set of PRCA Benchmark Data has indicated the striking differences between Campaign Collective and other agencies in the PR and marketing sector.

Figures show that just seven per cent of the average agency’s income is from public and voluntary sector clients, whereas at Campaign Collective income from these sectors accounts for 100 per cent of fees.

Other marketing agencies “mark up” expenses and other bought-in services by an average of 12 per cent. Campaign Collective pledged never to mark up such services and not to charge “office costs” to our clients – by keeping our running costs low.

In addition, the average agency day rate charged to clients for a member of staff is £957 and for someone with 10+ years experience, other marketing agencies charge up to an average of £1,834 a day.

Yet at Campaign Collective access to support starts at £300 per day for day-to-day implementation up to £500 per day for strategy and creative development.

Simon Francis, Founder Member of Campaign Collective, commented:

We set up the Campaign Collective to ensure all charities and public sector bodies have access to professional communications advice at affordable rates.

It’s shocking just how much PR agencies are prepared to charge not-for-profits to boost their own bank balances – indeed well over half of agencies told the PRCA they are focused on profit in the year ahead.

We’re pleased that we continue to stand out from our agency peers by offering a different approach to working on the campaigns and causes that matter most to society.

Featured image: Flickr / AnilMohabir.

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