Parliamentary deadline for charity submissions passes

The House of Lords Select Committee on Charities is a golden opportunity for charities to move on from the recent turbulent times, according to a submission to the Committee by the PRCA Charity & Not-For-Profit Group.

The Group’s recommendations, which can be made public once formally accepted as evidence, are designed to help charities build a more constructive relationship with government and the public in order to achieve their charitable objectives.

The deadline for charity submissions to the Committee has now passed and Simon Francis, Co-Chair of the PRCA Charity & Not-For-Profit Group and Founder Member of Campaign Collective, commented:

There needs to be fundamental changes in the way charities are perceived by politicians and the public. The recommendations will go some way towards creating this change.

The benefits to society from doing so, particularly in a time of economic uncertainty, could be immense.

For more information on the PRCA’s submission, visit the PRCA website.



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