The Challenge

Social integration is a hot political topic, but difficult to communicate to a wider audience. Ahead of the launch of the London Plan setting out the vision for the capital’s housing, The Challenge needed to construct a way to communicate the benefits of increasing social integration to mainstream media and politicians.

Campaign Collective created a heat map of social integration in London to visualise the extent of good – and bad – practice in the capital. The map took five indicies of social integration and plotted them into a unique Index, which was then brought to life in the heat map.

It revealed four of 1,021 postcodes examined are ranked “very lacking in diversity” while 222 are “very diverse.”

The map was constructed using Google Fusion to ensure it was able to be embedded in all websites. A toolkit of content was created to support the launch, including media materials and social media activity.

London Social Integration Map

The map was launched as part of a wider campaign “London – nowhere off limits” alongside an event at City Hall with engagement with the new Labour administration in the capital.

Eric Kaufman, Professor of Politics at Birkbeck College, University of London, welcomed the map saying:

This is a real service and an important resource.

Meanwhile, the launch generated coverage on local London media and commentary across social media platforms.