Freedom To Campaign Guide

Campaigning can change the world.

Charities have a legitimate and valuable role to play in making that change happen because they occupy a unique position in civil society between their beneficiaries and policy makers.

They are well placed to spot the unintended consequences of proposed changes to legislation and able to highlight the gaps that risk leaving sections of our society behind.

However, charity campaigners are being held back.  According to research undertaken by the Sheila McKechnie Foundation, one fifth of charities are campaigning less than they used to since the Lobbying Act was introduced.

Almost half of charity communicators don’t understand the Lobbying Act rules. 

The Lobbying Act has had ‘a chilling effect’ on charities ability to speak out.

The Charity Commission for England and Wales acknowledges that whilst charities must be independent from party politics they must still be able to use their voice effectively at election times.

Charities need to campaign. Our “Freedom To Campaign” guide will help you to do that – even during a regulated election period.  This is a set time when the rules on spending apply and this differs depending on which election is being held.

We will be launching our guide in January 2018 and it will be available digitally from this page.

In the meantime, there is advice for campaigners on our website.

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