Freedom to Campaign: About us

Why has Campaign Collective used its social purpose fund (created via the profits generated from its activity providing professional assistance to campaigners) to create this Guide?

Charity research groups and formal reports into the impact of the Lobbying Act show it has had a chilling effect on charities and reduced their willingness to campaign on issues or engage with politicians and election candidates. This needs to be challenged.

In addition, the goal posts have moved.  At first, the Fixed Term Parliament Act appeared to make it clearer when we were in a regulated period, however, the 2017 General Election changed that. We now know that we could be campaigning in a regulated period at any time.

We have tried to achieve two goals – firstly to bring links to all the advice into one place so that you can easily check the facts for yourself.  Secondly, because all this advice runs to over 100 pages, we have simplified it down and tried to focus on what you can do.  We have also listed activities that may either break charity law or require the charity to register as a third party campaigner.

This guide is intended to empower you so that you can make your own decisions about your campaigns.  It was informed by the publications listed below.

It is not formal legal advice. Please do read the Electoral Commission and Charity Commission Guidance too – the links are below.

  1. Charities, Elections and Referendums – Charity Commission for England and Wales
  2. Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (CC9) – Charity Commission for England and Wales
  3. Non-party campaigners – FAQ – Electoral Commission
  4. Charities and Campaigning – introduction – Electoral Commission
  5. Overview of regulated non-party campaigning – Electoral Commission
  6. Electoral Commission factsheets for non-party campaigners: Common campaigning techniques:
  7. Speaking Frankly, Acting Boldly – ACEVO

The Electoral Commission run an advice line during elections, so if you want to double check something, you can also ask them directly.

Campaign Collective is a social enterprise that provides marketing advice and support to charities, public sector, social enterprises and other not-for-profits. The development and distribution of this guide has been made possible due to the social enterprise fund built up during the trading year 2016/17.

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