Freedom to Campaign: Media and Communications

Media and communications are an essential part of charity campaigning, even during elections.

What you can do

  • Issue press releases and statements to the media.
  • Respond to media requests for comment.
  • Publish letters and articles in hard copy and online.
  • Take part in TV and radio interviews.
  • Use social media to talk about the charity’s activities and services.
  • Communicate with members and committed supporters e.g. donors and activists.
  • Hold member-only events.
  • Raise awareness of service delivery.

If you do this, you may break charity law or need to register as a third party campaigner

  • Hold press conferences or other media events.
  • Hold a members-only event and invite the media.
  • Allow the media into an event they were not invited to.
  • Campaign on social media in a way that is likely to influence how people will vote.
  • Use a mailing list to communicate with people who are not members or committed supporters in a way which might influence how they will vote.
  • Advertise your campaign in a newspaper or periodical.
  • Advertise on transport or take people to a public campaign event.

IN BRIEF:  A charity can continue with the majority of media activity during elections, providing it focuses on its own issues and does not invite the media to events.

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