Freedom To Campaign Guide attracts 400 downloads in the first week

The Freedom To Campaign Guide to what campaigners CAN do under the UK’s Lobbying Act has attracted close to 400 downloads since it was launched a week ago.

The Guide, written in response to the Government’s rejection of reforming the law and the retrospective nature of the Lobbying Act, has met with a positive response from charities, campaigners and sector bodies.

One campaigner, Debbie Pippard, wrote:

Meanwhile sector bodies, such as the Lloyds Bank Foundation commented:

The media have also welcomed the publication of the Guide with coverage across the marketing and charity sector:

  • PR Week set out the background to the Guide and why it was needed
  • The Guardian published a summary of the main issues and advice
  • Civil Society and Third Sector both highlighted the latest research showing the impact of the Act and how the Guide was necessary

Co-author of the Guide, Nancy Platts, commented:

We knew that the Guide was needed, but the response we have received to publication of the Freedom To Campaign Guide has been phenomenal.

To have 400 downloads of the Guide, plus hundreds more reading the content online, shows how deeply affected people are by the Lobbying Act.

Simon Francis, Founder Member of Campaign Collective, added:

A huge thanks to everyone who has shared a tweet, told their colleagues and passed on information about the Freedom To Campaign Guide.

But we know there is more to do. We must ensure that all charities know that they CAN campaign. No one should feel silenced by the Lobbying Act and the Freedom To Campaign Guide is a way to ensure this doesn’t happen.

The Freedom To Campaign Guide was produced using the profits generated by Campaign Collective.

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