Campaign Collective worked alongside Power To Change and the Eden Project to deliver Community Business Weekend 2017.

The six month campaign saw Collective Members work to recruit community businesses to be part of the Weekend and tell their stories with an aim of recruiting more customers, volunteers and supporters to the community business movement.

The Collective undertook calls to every community business that registered for a pack and co-ordinated (with Eden Project) packs being sent to registered businesses. We delivered specific outreach to previous participants and Power To Change’s grantees. We also led on the development of regular email communication to registered supporters and the co-ordination of the events map.

On the website created by the Collective, we saw 12,010 page views from 1,987 unique users. And of the 1915 emails sent, we saw a 50% open rate and 14% click through rate. 228 packs were sent out resulting in 151 events (66% of pack requests resulted in an event) which saw 11,627 people attending CBW events.

Events ranged from market days and informal drop-in sessions to a free tasting/vineyard tour and a music festival. We asked community businesses what they intended to achieve from the events before the Weekend. 90% wanted customers, 60% needed volunteers, 14% were looking for trustees and 10% required new shareholders.

The Weekend led to the recruitment of at least 226 new volunteers, trustees and shareholders recruited for CBs nationwide.


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