Campaign Collective impact on UN Sustainable Development Goals revealed

The positive impact of Campaign Collective has been validated through a new social value test created by the Public Relations & Communications Association.

According to the PRCA’s draft definition of social value, the Collective has contributed to five of the six ways marketing agencies can deliver social value.

In addition to the positive impact of campaigns on target audiences, the Collective also encourages positive working practices, encourages philanthropy and giving and uses fellow social enterprises in the supply chain.

The Collective also helps to meet wider United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDGs), the global benchmark in social impact for organisations.

In the past 12 months, campaigns and activity delivered by the Collective has helped contribute to a third (six of the 17) UNSDGs:

  • Promoting sustainable economic growth
  • Ensuring quality education
  • Ensuring healthy lives
  • Achieving gender equality
  • Promoting peaceful and inclusive societies
  • Creating sustainable cities

Simon Francis, Founder Member of Campaign Collective, commented:

Measuring the social value and impact of communications is a new field, but one which the industry must embrace.

We’re proud to have been able to use the new PRCA definition of social value to demonstrate the positive impact our work and our organisation has on the world.

However, we know we need to do more to earn the full marks from the PRCA test so we will be reviewing how we can improve our impact in 2019.

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