The Rooftop launches positive news Crowdfunder

The online home of positive news worth shouting about – The Rooftop – has launched its first ever Crowdfunding campaign to help bring even more uplifting and inspiring stories to the public every day.

Campaign Collective founded The Rooftop in September 2018 to celebrate the achievements of smaller charities, social enterprises, community interest companies, public sector organisations, trade unions, and individual campaigners, whose voices often go unnoticed by the mainstream media.

Now an independent community interest company, The Rooftop News has grown massively over three years, generating a total of 40 million content views, with a current reach of more than 500,000 content views per week across the website and social media. 

To enable The Rooftop to empower and inspire even more people, and to keep up with the public demand for positive news, it is seeking donations to its Crowdfunder, which will be used to grow and improve the site over the next 12 months.

With a target of £20,000, all funds raised will be invested in The Rooftop News Podcast and Rooftop TV, the creation of a weekly newsletter, and for the site to employ its first ever editorial assistant.⁠

Increased demand for positive news

The Rooftop saw its most successful time during one of the most notorious years for news of the decade; 2020. During a time when people needed to hear more good news and see some light more than ever, The Rooftop didn’t disappoint, publishing around 300 stories.

Mental health charity Mind says in the day and age of a constant stream of news, often negative, we should be mindful of what we’re exposing our minds and emotions to, supporting the need for more positive news stories.

Lizzie Lewis, a writer for The Rooftop, said: “This Crowdfunder is incredibly important, not just for us but for the communities we report for and shed light on. This past year has really taught us how positivity, hope, and sometimes humour, can go a long way. The organisations and individuals that we feature on The Rooftop do incredible work that simply deserves to be shouted about.”

The Rooftop News team, (clockwise from top left): Louise Akers, Nikki Anderson, Simon Francis, Nancy Platts, Lizzie Lewis, Delia Antoine Burdett, Tom York, Sarah Colombini, Ian Morton.

Support the crowdfunder

Whilst covering topics ranging from education to climate change, and from positive community projects to worker’s employment rights, The Rooftop has also expanded its offering through The Rooftop Podcast and Rooftop TV.  These additional outlets allow the Rooftop to share positive news to an even wider audience.

To support The Rooftop’s crowdfunding campaign, please visit:

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