Campaign Collective celebrates 1000 Black Boys

The UK celebrates the 35th Black History Month this October, showcasing black culture and highlighting the need to educate people about the rich history of black communities and the historical and present discrimination against them. 

The tragic killing of George Floyd at the hands of the police in the USA in 2020 and the subsequent Black Lives Matter protests around the world, sparked a commitment among many individuals and organisations to educate themselves about Black history, heritage and culture – as part of understanding institutional racism and standing up against it.

Campaign Collective is proud to celebrate Black History Month, and in particular one organisation that we support, 1000 Black Boys, a social enterprise dedicated to helping young Black boys and men to discover purpose and be inspired by each other. 

1000 Black Boys provides a safe, naturing and motivating environment, empowering young black men to unleash their potential and live a life of purpose.

Why 1000 Black Boys is important 

In London in 2018, there were a total of 132 murders; 21 of those murdered were teenagers, and 15 of those teenagers (71%) were young Black boys

In addition, recent analysis from the House of Commons library revealed that black ethnicity students are three times more likely to be excluded from schools in parts of the UK.

Organisations like 1000 Black Boys are therefore more vital now than ever before. 

Founded by entrepreneur Ademola Adebeya, 1000 Black Boys amplifies the voices of young Black boys that may otherwise remain unheard, misunderstood or simply ignored. The organisation provides a support system for young Black boys to explore their passions and focus on what they can bring to society. 

Ademola Adebeya, Founder of 1000 Black Boys

1000 Black Boys sets no expectations or pressures on what young Black boys can or should achieve, only that to succeed in life and business, they need to step into their power and realise their potential. Since starting, the social enterprise has hosted numerous events, featuring multiple guest speakers ranging from mental health advocates to young Black entrepreneurs. 

What Campaign Collective says

“We’re proud to be working with such an essential, high-spirited organisation, whose work has a clear positive impact in our society. Society will only thrive as a whole when all divisions of society have the foundations and support to succeed,” said Ian Morton, Member of Campaign Collective.


“The importance in Black History lies in people from African and Caribbean backgrounds playing a fundamental part in building British society. However, their contribution and value is often overlooked or distorted. So this year we are saying to 1000 Black Boys and Ademola Adebeya,  ‘We see you and we see the exceptional work you’re doing, and we are proud to support you getting your voice heard,’” Ian added. 

Black History Month should serve not only as a cause for celebration and recognition, but also an opportunity to continue to urge all schools, employers, industries, all public and private institutions, and society as a whole, to educate themselves on how we can all do more to stand up to racism, support anti-racist ideas and actions, and create more space for Black voices – and truly listen to what they have to say.

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Image(s) credit: 1000 Black Boys.

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