New partnership with Susan Bookbinder, offering new media training

Campaign Collective are proud to announce a new partnership with Susan Bookbinder, a highly experienced media training specialist, offering our clients tailored training to prepare them for any media interaction.


Susan Bookbinder, media training specialist

Having worked as a journalist for 40 years, Ms Bookbinder provides expert insight into the media world. 

During her time as a journalist Susan realised the industry was lacking in diversity so she resolved to use her knowledge and experience to give a voice to people from all walks of life. She is now working with a range of clients from athletes to neuroscientists. 

Susan’s media training is invaluable to anyone who wants to raise the profile of their organisation or campaigns on a national level. The training covers all media platforms including radio, television, newspaper, or online.

Susan’s calm and collected yet passionate approach enables clients to feel confident interacting with the media and prepare them for any surprises during interviews. She provides tailored support and mock interview practice to enable spokespeople to get their messages across in a way that delivers on the campaign aims and avoids the potential for misinterpretation. 

Susan Bookbinder said:

 “I am thrilled to be working with Campaign Collective as it’s really exciting working with a company whose ethos is in line with my own. We both want to work for good people doing amazing things, and to help organisations with a social purpose navigate the challenging world of media. I’m really proud to be a part of efforts to change lives for the better.

“I want my clients to feel confident when talking to the media so they can reach and help as many communities as possible. The media doesn’t have to be daunting, with a bit of advice and guidance it can instead be an amazing tool to help deliver on the aims of your organisation.”

Sarah, co-founder of Campaign Collective, said 

“We’re delighted to have Susan Bookbinder bring her expertise of the media to the Collective. . With a wide range of clients, we are pleased to offer training that prepares and maximises media opportunities.  We look forward to working with Susan with current and new clients.””

Having previously worked with Campaign Collective for Nourish Scotland, it is clear Susan Bookbinder’s dedication to helping people is what makes her training exciting and beneficial. Nourish Scotland’s media training lead to multiple interviews, as well as the delivery of media training workshops for the charity’s volunteers. 

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