This week Campaign Collective is working with the Centre to End All Sexual Exploitation (CEASE), a national human rights charity, to call for greater regulation to the commercial online pornography industry.

CEASE’s research has found that over 80% of the UK public want strict new pornography laws. The report into exploitation by the online porn commercial industry or “Big Porn” coincides with the launch of the #ExposeBigPorn campaign which calls for greater regulation of the commercial online pornography industry. The charity is also calling for the draft Online Safety Bill to be amended to bring safeguards to the largely unregulated “Big Porn”. 

The charity is calling for urgent regulation of the online porn industry to safeguard children and stop content being uploaded to sites without the express consent of people featured in it. The campaign is timed to hold the Government’s manifesto pledge to “make the UK the safest place in the world online” to account. 

CEASE is calling for amendments to the Online Safety Bill 2021  to regulate “Big Porn” so it is unable to host illegal “extreme” pornography and  “legal but harmful” content prohibited by its own terms of service.

Campaign Collective is supporting this campaign and urging people to write to their local MP to demand that a serious stance is taken to tackle the ‘Big Porn’ industry and to dismantle the harm it is causing through sexual exploitation. 

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