The Rooftop

One of the biggest challenges that we as campaigners face in trying to create a better society is getting our voice heard.

At the Campaigners’ Forum in March 2018, we heard from countless organisations that there are not enough media outlets prepared to cover good news.

In addition, in the Sheila Mckechnie Foundation “Social Change Project” report, the researchers found:

Digital technologies have made it easier to access information, but far harder to distinguish truth from ‘fake news’. In a ‘post truth’ world, where experts are derided merely for being experts civil society is not immune to challenge. 

Media stories… have dented public confidence in charities.

Let’s face it – existing media outlets are either reluctant to cover positive charity and campaigner news or just don’t have the space.

This means campaigners’ voices go unheard, positive stories don’t get noticed and the public don’t hear about the amazing work of campaigners.

Yet, there are millions of people in the UK alone who want to hear about progressive campaign successes or how they can take action.

In addition, there are many in the centre ground who no longer hear about the work of charities as they are seen to be the preserve of the left.

Members of social enterprise marketing firm Campaign Collective have developed a way to tackle this problem and give campaigners their voice back.

The Rooftop

Unashamedly upbeat, The Rooftop is a new media outlet and social media presence designed to provide the public with a daily dose of positive news.

Since launch in September 2018 The Rooftop has 500,000 content views a week and the Facebook Page has more than 50,000 members.

The Rooftop covers the positive impact of social enterprises, great charity campaigns, exciting developments from local governmenttrade union victories in the workplace and ground-breaking research by universities.

But we need to do more.

New data from Sapio Research has revealed that 2.9 million people in the UK want help to tell their story of overcoming disadvantage to the media.

To do this, the Collective has set up an independent Community Interest Company to take over the running of The Rooftop.

The Rooftop News CIC will enable people with lived experience of overcoming challenges to have their voices heard while simultaneously meeting the wider public’s growing need for more positive news.

With profits generated through the media site and by providing communications training to charities and campaigners, The Rooftop News CIC will provide free communications skills training to those with lived experience of overcoming challenges (such as poverty, disability, social isolation or prejudice).