Media outreach

The “sell-in”, we hate the phrase, as it indicates a one size fits all approach to contacting the media and pitching your story. Whatever you call it, media relations, campaign PR, press liaison, the typical image of media sell-in suggests a call centre rather than a specialist skill.

When your charity, or campaign has a great story to get out to the national, local or trade media, your nonprofit communications team needs support – and you nearly always also need more time. Our decades of experience says you should start your media outreach 14 days before your embargo, or launch date.

Campaign Collective Members have racked up countless front-page articles, sofa interviews, outside broadcasts, radio days, page leads, NIBs (News in Brief) and online articles and they are here to help you get your message into the right media.

Getting your campaign in front of the right people

While all publicity is good, some publicity is much more worthy of your precious time than others. We can help charities, third sector organisations and social enterprises refine their goals and secure media coverage and campaign PR that will deliver more targeted results.

Campaign Collective takes an individual approach to media outreach, we can work with you to tell your story. We often find tailoring the pitch to fit the journalists’ differing agendas can help get more attention. Getting the right story into the right outlet might mean tweaking your original idea, or looking at things from a slightly different point of view.

The right campaign for the right media outlet

We’ll help you leverage our years of relationships with scores of people across the media landscape. We maintain those relationships because we don’t spam them with unsuitable stories. We take the time to know each media outlet and what kind of stories they publish. The reward is that a pitch from someone they have received good stories from in the past is much more likely to get traction.

Campaign Collective can also help you identify the right case studies, provide the right infographics and the right supporting quotes to back up your story or campaign. We can even help you find the core message your story needs to deliver.

If you are caught on the hop and don’t have 14 days before you need to launch, give us a call anyway. We’ll be honest about what can be achieved.

Cost: c.£1,800 + VAT

Or… we can always provide training to your team on how to outreach to the media effectively: £1,700 + VAT

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