Campaign Collective was founded to provide affordable communications support to non-profit organisations. In these difficult times, we recognise that budgets are tight, but it is vital that you continue to promote your services and communicate your campaign messages.

We think affordable charity communications are different to cheap communications. You are still getting the collected experience of a team of very qualified professionals.

What we did is take an ‘off the shelf’ approach that shortcuts some of the customised elements of our other communication campaigns and focuses on the things we know work, and will have the most impact on your campaign communications. 

Our Communications Selection Box

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Ideal for small charities and organisations with a communications budget of £5,000 or less.

You can choose from three packages that focus on:

  • Raising awareness through media and content marketing
  • Influencing through stakeholder engagement
  • Capacity building through training your team

Each will deliver a communications strategy for your cause-related organisation, some resources and actions that we’ve seen deliver results and the tools to achieve your campaign results.

We also include some further actions you could take later for your specific campaign.

Or you can have a combination of the packages – we could get you started with some value-oriented campaign materials and then up-skill you or your staff with some tips and tricks of the trade to manage your own charity communications themselves.

Each package comes with guides, tools and templates to help get you on track. We say off the shelf, but even we realise there is infinite variety in small organisations, your goals and your campaigns.

You can get started in one of two ways – either fill in the form below; this sets out what you need (doing this helps us to deliver affordable support to more organisations) and we will give you a call to discuss your options.

Or if life is more complicated than our form, you can book a free 30-minute consultation. We can either agree on the proposal at the end of the discussion or you can take the form away and come back to us once you have decided what you need.


Fill in the form

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Three ways to get the most out of your Small Charity Comms campaign

Pick and choose the communications services that you need for your charity comms camapign

Or get in touch if these options don’t quite meet your needs.

Tell us about your campaign

Thinking through these details now helps us get to the point where we can help you quicker.


What’s next?

We’ll be in touch, normally within a day or two, never more than three days.

We’ll be able to leap right in and get started.

Campaign Collective is just that, a collective. As a group we can put together a team that will meet your exact needs, for a very reasonable budget, and get your communications campaign started.

We look forward to helping you help more people.

Get in touch if you have any other questions. Or see what we have done for other organisations and campaigners, or what we are up to now.


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