Campaign Collective supports the relaunch of The Rooftop News positive news website

As a social enterprise, our aim, here at Campaign Collective, is to make a positive contribution to society. We do this through our campaign work and by investing our profits into our social purpose fund.

In September 2018, we launched our positive news website, The Rooftop News – our most ambitious social enterprise project yet. We wanted to connect the public to positive news about important campaigns and to highlight the achievements of small charities. 

Providing a daily dose of uplifting news, The Rooftop News attracts up to 500,000 content views a week and has over 46,000 followers on Facebook

The Rooftop News refreshed and relaunched

Five years on from launch, and after a summer of reflection, the new and improved The Rooftop News is back and ready to share more positive news.

It is now much easier to let the world know about your good news.  Just click on “Submit Your Story” and follow the step-by-step instructions. The Rooftop News editorial team will review your story and, as long as it meets the editorial guidelines, it will be approved for publication.

Sarah Colombini, Campaign Collective Founder Member, commented on the relaunch of The Rooftop News:

“With winter coming and the cost of living crisis deepening, we need some good news now more than ever – and so often the positive news stories in society go unnoticed.

“We use the profits generated by our social enterprise to help smaller charities and campaign groups get their voices heard. The Rooftop News has proved a powerful platform to do this since it launched over five years ago.

“In the next generation of the positive news website, we’re delighted to see it being made easier than ever for organisations to have their say and share their positive news stories.”

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