Campaign Collective strengthens branding design offering with new Member

Campaign Collective is delighted to welcome branding designer and strategist Kath Grimmitt as a new Member.

Kath Grimmitt has over 18 years of experience working in branding and design. She has worked in fashion houses across the UK high street to small independent businesses around the world. Specialising in building brands that are connected to values and doing good in the world, Kath works closely with charities, coaches and service providers who want to have a positive impact by being themselves and helping others.

Kath’s expertise lies in connecting purpose-led campaigns and people to the visual side of communications – helping connection and collaboration thrive through the deeper meanings of branding and the impact storytelling and visual communications can have on the world.

Kath is passionate about helping people who help people so that connection can happen through storytelling to make sure causes and campaigns are delivered with passion, and purpose and help make positive impacts on the world.

Kath commented:

“I am so excited to be part of Campaign Collective, working with such incredible people to be able to make a true positive impact on the world and help those who help others!”

Outside of work, Kath enjoys all her spare time walking in the Welsh mountains with her dog and rollerskating to blow off the cobwebs of the week.