Charities urged to take action on online hate

Will you help take action against online hate and abuse?

Charities Against Hate was set up in 2020 to try to tackle the scourge of online hate.

Since then, the group has put pressure on social media platforms and provided support to the charity sector. But, if you work for charity and not-for-profit communications, the group now needs your help.

Will you take its survey on experiences of online abuse? By doing so, you’ll be helping to shape the support Charities Against Hate provides to the sector in the future.

The survey should only take 5-10 minutes to complete. Find it here:

In its first year, Charities Against Hate collaborated with external partners, met with MPs, politicians and governments, and produced resources and guides for charity staff and their wider communities. Some achievements and outcomes include:

  • Distributed and analysed experience surveys to charity staff and communities to learn about their experiences of hate online and what can be done to stop it taking place.
  • Conducted research that explores the impact of hate speech, to form a solid evidence-base on the topic, demonstrating the need to safeguard the mental health and wellbeing of people who use social media platforms.
  • Lobbied MP’s to garner support and demonstrate the impact on hate online.
  • Created an MP Toolkit to support anyone who would like to get in touch with their MP to share their experiences of online hate speech.
  • Developed guidance to help people share their stories using #ShareYourStory.
  • Created 16 product recommendations for social media companies to consider in tackling online hate.
  • Created a Guide to Best Practice in Ethical Digital Marketing & Comms Practices for charities to help them engage in ethical marketing and comms and support them in tackling hate speech.