Analysis of the first year of Campaign Collective’s work has revealed that the remote working model has reduced the environmental impact of delivering marketing campaigns.

Research on emissions from office workers compared to remote workers suggests that clients commissioning work through the Collective have reduced the greenhouse gasses emitted from delivery of this work by 71 metric tons, compared to the same work being delivered by office workers.

This equates to the equivalent of taking 15 cars off the road for a whole year.

In a PRCA blog on the topic, Simon Francis, Founder Member, said:

The marketing sector is perfectly suited to remote working, and at Campaign Collective, all of our Members work mainly from home or using shared office space near their home. We regularly keep in touch with Skype, conference calls and instant messenger.

The benefits of remote working for the environment, the employee and the organisation make it an all-round winning strategy for any company wishing to address one of the most pressing issues of our time.

It’s time for comms employers to trust employees, loosen their grips and ensure a sustainable future for our industry and the planet as a whole.

Featured image of Impact Hub Islington co-working space

Campaign Collective

Campaign Collective is a social enterprise helping charities, social enterprises, public service organisations and other campaigners benefit from affordable professional communications advice and support. With all Members having over ten years experience in a range of communications skills, the Collective helps organisations create, build and deliver effective marketing campaigns. Profits are used to subsidise support for micro charities and community organisations as well as help develop the next generation of communications professionals. Visit for more information.

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