Police Chiefs urged to take new campaign approach

Police Chiefs have been encouraged to adopt a new approach to sexual violence prevention campaigns.

Dr Nina Burrowes, a leading psychologist on sexual assault and abuse, has worked with Campaign Collective Members and Associates to devise a revolutionary new approach for police forces and partners which focuses on sexual violence prevention.

Presenting the new “Consent Collective” approach to Chief Constables and Police & Crime Commissioners, Dr Burrowes said:

Domestic abuse, child sexual abuse and exploitation, sexual assault and rape are likely to remain priority issues for many years.

Rather than creating short term awareness raising campaigns we take the long view. We create evolving conversations with the public using online platforms that are constantly maintained and updated.

Our long term approach means that every evaluation feeds into future campaigns allowing us to target more ambitious outcomes over time.

The approach has the backing of the Metropolitan Police, Northumbria PCC Vera Baird QC, Women’s Aid, Devon Rape Crisis and Sexual Abuse Services and Survivors Manchester. Consent Collective aims to launch in the new year once funding has been secured.

For more information and to find out how organisations can support Consent Collective, visit: http://www.nb-research.com/the-consent-collective.

Simon Francis, Founder Member of Campaign Collective, said:

Sexual violence and abuse is one of the most serious and pressing issues facing society.

We’re proud to have been working together with Dr Burrowes as part of the Consent Collective to create awareness campaigns that prevent sexual violence. Now it is up to police forces around the country to fund this vital programme.

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