The PRCA Charity and Not-For-Profit Group gave evidence to the Hodgson Review of Third Party Election Campaigning during the 2015 General Election and have previously called for improvements in the legislation and the guidance.

As reported in PR Week, Simon Francis, Co-Chair of the PRCA’s Charity and Not-For-Profit Group and Founder Member of Campaign Collective, said:

There is much to welcome in Lord Hodgson’s findings. The thoroughness of his evidence gathering and the comprehensive nature of the report are signs that he has engaged with the real concerns of PRCA members and charities across the country.

We will examine the findings in more detail, but we welcome the recommendations Lord Hodgson makes and would urge the government to act on them.

ACEVO, the charity leaders network has called for “no delay” in implementing the recommendations while the National Council for Voluntary Organisations have set out why these recommendations will improve the Lobbying Act for campaigners.

The government has responded saying it is “considering” Lord Hodgson’s proposals.

Campaign Collective

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