PR and communications for care homes

Our Members have a long track record of delivering successful PR and communications for care homes.

Care homes need a specific set of PR and communications skills and we have helped deliver campaigns ranging from proactive awareness raising activity to crisis communications.

We need to know that the homes we work for are well-run and deliver quality care to their residents. Therefore, we will only deliver PR and communications for care homes which pass the following criteria:

Is member of the National Care Association, Care England or a registered charity / social enterprise.

Has more than 100 beds and has at least 25% local authority (i.e. non-private) residents.

Is not subject to any criminal proceedings against the firm or its directors.

We also reserve the right to examine publicly available finances to assure ourselves that director dividends / salaries are not being taken while care quality is suffering.

If a home has an “inadequate” CQC rating (if part of a group, there is an inadequate rating in any of the group’s homes) we will expect the management of the home to have already agreed and implemented a turn around programme, before coming to seek communications support from us.

Examples of our work for care homes are available on request.