International Menopause Society

The Campaign Collective team works with the International Menopause Society’s (IMS) to raise awareness of its key campaign moments.

Our first project saw us deliver media relations for the release of an international consensus statement on the use of testosterone in the treatment of menopause. Our Members devised and delivered a campaign strategy using a combination of media and social media activity including a press release to health and national media outlets.

Media outreach was supported by briefing spokespeople and providing key messages for IMS members across the world, creating shareable social media content (including infographics) and developing a communications toolkit for stakeholders.

As well as sharing the research widely, the profile and reputation of IMS was promoted in global media outlets and content on IMS social media channels significantly increased followers and engagement. Coverage was featured in The Sun, The Daily Mail, the i, Medical Health News, Scienmag (USA) and The Guardian. 

Following the success of this campaign, the team was asked to work with IMS on International Menopause Day 2019 and secured far reaching national and international coverage focussing on ten years of marking the day.

Traditional media coverage included the New York Times, The Daily Mail, The Guardian and Huffington Post with a total reach of over 13 million and the team massively increased IMS social media engagement across facebook, twitter and LinkedIn.

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