Join us

Our Members and Associates share one thing: A belief in our ethos and a passion to use communications to make the world a better place.

It goes without saying that all our members and associates have to live the values of our ethical policy and the fair treatment policy.

We have three day rates based on the work we do (i.e. create, build and deliver effective marketing campaigns). Members of the Collective (i.e. you hopefully!) all have 10+ years experience in marketing and bill the Collective at this rate, minus 10%. Members are as equally responsible for bringing in work to the Collective as they are delivering the great campaigns we run.

This 10% covers running costs, including covering your Professional Indemnity and Public Liability insurance for your work delivered through the Collective and access to useful services like media databases and PRCA membership.

Money left over after all of these costs are covered are used to help support small charities and start up campaigners or help the next generation of comms professionals.

We publish our accounts and company minutes so you will always know what we’re up to with this money.

If you’re still interested, please sign up here.

Associates of the Collective are existing companies who want to supply services to us. We will prioritise working with other Social Enterprises, but will also work with traditional companies. We are working for small / medium size charities and NGOs, so consider this before contacting us. We will add a 10% project management fee to any quote you provide us to cover our running costs and contribute towards our social purpose fund.

Contact us at if you would like to become an Associate.