The “sell-in”. We hate the phrase as it indicates a one size fits all approach to contacting the media – suggesting a call centre rather than a specialist skill.

When there is a story to get out to the media, teams need support – and more time. Our Members have racked up countless front pages, sofa interviews, outside broadcasts, radio days, page leads, NIBs, online articles and are here to help.

Campaign Collective takes an individual approach to media outreach, tailoring the story to fit the journalists’ differing agendas. Working to find the right case studies, provide the right infographics and the right supporting quotes.

For best results, we advise starting outreach 14 days from the proposed embargo / live date, but if it’s a last minute job, we’ll be honest about what we can expect to achieve.

Cost: c.£1,800 + VAT

Or… we can always provide training to your team on how to outreach to the media effectively: £1,700 + VAT

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