It can sometimes be useful to talk through a campaign or comms challenge and to reflect on the different approaches available.

A lot of the time you may have the answers to these challenges. Having the space to talk through any doubts or concerns will either help to give you the confidence to proceed with those ideas or provide you with a completely different perspective.

Our coaching package offers the unique combination of providing you or your team with a certified coach who has both campaigns and coaching experience.

Our coaching package is also available to charity and third sector leaders, many of whom often feel a sense of isolation in their position. Providing a safe space to reflect on their ideas with someone outside the organisation can produce invaluable benefits to both the individual and organisation.

While our certified coach member is happy to do this by the hour, we just ask that you buy a day at a time – and use the hours you have with us as you wish!

Cost? £500 a day + VAT

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