When you have to take the big decisions in an organisation about a campaign or comms challenge, it can be useful to talk the options through with someone on the outside. We’ve seen it help leaders to reflect on the different approaches available.

At Campaign Collective we’ve developed a new coaching package to help meet these needs. 

The answers to these challenges are always within us and sometimes we just need help identifying them. Having the space to talk through any doubts or concerns can provide us with a completely different perspective on things and with it the power to act.

Leadership skills 

Offering advice is something we naturally do here at Campaign Collective but coaching is different.  It’s a non-judgmental space which gives you the opportunity to provide that advice to yourself. Based on a trusting relationship, coaching is built on deep listening, and asking direct, powerful questions.

As well as addressing current issues and decisions to be made, coaching naturally addresses other issues affecting professional performance.  The coaching is also designed to produce a transformation in our thinking habits to last way beyond the sessions themselves. Our coaching package offers the unique combination of providing you or your team with a certified coach who has both campaigns and coaching experience. Campaign Collective member Ian Morton has gone through nearly 10 years of personal and professional development himself, and has been a qualified coach via the International Coaching Federation since 2013.

Ian has also been practising a number of meditation techniques for 10 years and offers guided practices to anyone interested.

Leadership coaching

Our coaching package is especially suited to charity and third sector leaders, many of whom often feel a sense of isolation in their position. 

We designed our coaching package to offer those leaders a safe space to reflect on their ideas with someone outside the organisation.

We believe this can deliver invaluable, long-lasting benefits to both the individual and organisation.

Cost? £500 for four sessions / £1,000 for eight sessions

Given the pressure that charities may find themselves under from the Coronavirus pandemic, we are also offering a number of pro bono sessions to CEOs and other senior staff. These places are limited and available on a case-by-case basis.

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