Social enterprises play a unique role in society – and so social enterprise communications needs to be equally bespoke.

For most brands and businesses, communications is ultimately measured in sales; the activity put in place needs to communicate the benefits of the goods or services on offer.

While this is still part and parcel of what social enterprises have to communicate, marketing for organisations that place delivering a benefit to society at the heart of what they do will ultimately need to reflect more than just sales targets.

In the #CommsChat on social enterprises, the overwhelming interest of participants was on the role that communications needs to play in these organisations.

Social enterprise is a broad term which includes a whole variety of organisations, from charities, charitable trading arms, Community Interest Companies, co-operatives, limited and even listed companies. In variety lies the strength of the sector, but trying to find a common marketing philosophy is challenging.

However, three broad principles for social enterprise marketing emerged from #CommsChat. These can be interpreted as an ABC for social enterprise marketing:

  • Agitate for change
  • Build sales
  • Communicate value

The ideal communications strategy will deliver against all three of these objectives. Campaign Collective Members can help social enterprises realise these aims with tactics that campaign for change while demonstrating the product/service on offer and communicate the value of buying from a social enterprise.

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