Coronavirus / COVID-19 contingency

We hope that your families are well both physically and mentally at this unsettling time.

As a virtual agency for over four years, it’s generally business as usual for us here (albeit with some additional childcare and volunteering responsibilities).

We were delighted to become the first social enterprise to be awarded the Virtual Agency Communications Management Standard (CMS) by the Public Relations & Communications Association (PRCA). This certifies our contingency plans to an “ISO” standard.

We have always been committed to providing high quality communications advice and support to organisations and campaigners creating a better society and are thrilled to have had this recognised by the PRCA.

But as news updates on Coronavirus come in on an hourly basis and social media is awash with facts, figures and opinions, many people are left feeling overwhelmed by the uncertainty.

If you need an antidote to all the negativity, our home of positive news worth shouting about, The Rooftop, offers a daily dose of good news to help provide a much needed boost.

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