Partnering with other marketing agencies

Campaign Collective Members have a wealth of in-house and agency experience across marketing disciplines and can help other agencies develop new campaigns.

In addition to Members working with agencies on campaigns (subject to our standard day rates), we have also developed an offer specifically for supporting on new business pitches.

We know this is an investment for companies with an eye on their profit margins. So Campaign Collective offers a no-win/half-fee arrangement to other agencies. 

Here’s how it works:

  • Commission Campaign Collective Members to work on a specific new business proposal
  • Agree how many days it will take from the outset (and we guarantee not to exceed this)
  • We work with your team on the document, provide training to your pitch team and manage the timeline to ensure documents are ready well ahead of time (no last minute panics)
  • We bill you at 50 per cent of our Campaign Strategy day rate (for the number of days agreed) once the proposal is submitted / once the pitch has taken place
  • If there are two stages, e.g. proposal and then pitch, we will issue two invoices, one after each stage
  • Once the tender / procurement process has completed, and if the bid is successful, we bill you the remaining 50 per cent of our fees.

Our Members specialise in not-for-profit campaigns and public sector communications and those from an agency background have an enviable pitch success record (which is why we’re so confident we can make a no-win / half-fee offer)!

Get in touch to find out more.