Talent Partnership

Need a final push to get the awareness your campaign deserves? Celebrity endorsements have been used for years, at Campaign Collective we believe smaller organisations, including charities and social enterprises, should have access to affordable talent to represent good cause campaigns. 

We offer celebrity endorsements through talent specialist, Paul Cullen, who will work closely with you and the public figure, ensuring the message of your campaign is delivered with the voice you want. 

We do extensive research to identify if a celebrity is a good fit for your campaign through;

Platform – What media platform is the celebrity popular on and how do they usually connect and interact with the public? Radio and TV are some more traditional outlets to influence public opinion and drum up support for your campaign, however we also can provide you with celebrity influencers who use mainly social media as their form of communication. This is beneficial when wanting to reach a wide range of beneficiaries, ranging on a number of topics. Either way you get to choose what best works for your campaign. 

Voice– Does the voice of the celebrity fit your campaign. Is the message of your campaign something they naturally resonate with? We want celebrity endorsements to feel natural to the public, and this works best when the celebrity also feels passionate and excited about the same causes. 

Audience – Often celebrities have a similar type of audience/following. This is a positive for campaigning as it means we can target an audience that will most likely include your beneficiaries or the communities you most want to influence. It is almost like having all your target demographic in one place at the same time. 

By using celebrity endorsements you can use a platform with a following already created, ensuring you reach as many people as possible, without having to worry about drumming up the public first. Celebrities using their notability to draw attention to your campaign ensures they’re using their forum to have a positive impact, which is what we all want more of. 

If you think this is something your charity or social enterprise could benefit from, contact us to discuss.