Key message creation and development

At the heart of great campaigns is great messaging. Memorable, shareable and easily repeatable phrases that encapsulate your objectives, prove your points and deliver a call to action.

Quite simply, the right messaging can make a good campaign great.

Campaign Collective’s approach to key message creation is to immerse ourselves in your organisation, talk to anyone who wants to talk to us and look for the sparks of inspiration which exist and turn them into the messages that will make a campaign stand out.

Once an initial draft is created, the hard work starts. Refining the messages, stress testing them with media training and establishing the proof points.

But it is only when the messaging is live in the field that we really start to learn. Our approach allows for a check in after 3 and 6 months to further refine and update messages to ensure the final messaging framework is set for the life of a campaign.

Cost? c.£5,000 + VAT

Who? All Members have experience in this area

Time to deliver? Depending on specification, but c.10 days

Experience? Members have delivered similar activity for most organisations we have worked with.