Group Coaching

The last 18 months have been particularly testing for leaders who continue to navigate further challenges as they adapt and adjust to new ways of working.

Despite the negative impacts, some significant positives have emerged. These include an emphasis on human, compassionate leadership, increased appetite for risk, greater flexibility and agility as well as the importance of letting go and trusting in others. 

As the outlook for the sector improves, we have an opportunity to build on all these positives and support each other in new and sustainable ways. In response to this, we’ve developed a sustainable group coaching offer that helps leaders to be more ‘coach-like’ in the way that they listen with attention, question with curiosity and provide more effective feedback. In addition to this, there’s the opportunity to practise on live issues, giving time to think and reflect within a safe and confidential space.

Our Approach

As well as practical coaching skills and tools, we offer relevant leadership thinking based on the most pressing challenges raised by the programme sponsors or the group. This might include building resilience, leading change, overcoming uncertainty, dealing with conflict or managing energies.


As well as developing practical and sustainable coaching skills, the programme will help individuals improve their self and social awareness, closing the gap between their intention and their impact. Individuals will gain confidence in leading more authentically as well as building trusted relationships within the group.


Costs are available on request with support for up to ten people over six-monthly sessions. This package includes:

  • all planning, preparing and joint facilitating of the two-hour sessions by James and Ian
  • Up to 1 x hour at the end of each group session for any additional 1-2-1 support that individuals might require

We also have the option of a lower cost package, with support for smaller groups of up to six people across three monthly sessions.

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