Create a “step change” for smaller organisations

Campaigns not only help achieve social justice objectives, they help provide a platform for organisational growth. This activity will help charities and social enterprises who want to expand.

Maybe you’re an ambitious regional organisation wanting to build a national portfolio, or perhaps you are a national not-for-profit with a low profile and donor/customer base and you want to become more influential.

Either way, Campaign Collective can help you achieve your aspiration.

The key to step change is building sustainable activity and mining your organisation for under used resources – for example, data, supporter interaction, stakeholder activity, evaluation and research and so on. It then means focusing your activity on the most powerful cause and helping you build your brand through campaigns which we help you develop.

Cost? c.£5,000 + VAT

Who? Tim Linehan, Simon Francis, Heather Rogers

Time to deliver? Depending on specification, but c.10 days

Experience? Members have delivered similar strategies for organisations including National Apprenticeship Service, Anchor Trust and Children’s Society.