Audience testing and segmentation

The first step in any great campaign is setting clear objectives. The second is to identify the audiences you need to reach to meet these objectives, how they currently behave and how the will react to a potential campaign.

There are many “off the shelf” audience segmentation tools used by planners in big marketing agencies, but these are only effective when dealing with audiences which neatly fit into pre-defined categories.

The issue with behaviour change, and most charity and not-for-profit, campaigns is that the audiences rarely fit into pre-defined categories.

But using quantitative research (i.e. talking to real people) combined with social semantic software, statistical research and market testing, Campaign Collective creates more accurate profiles of target audiences, what they think, how they act and how they will react to a campaign.

Cost? c.£3,500 + VAT

Who? Tim Linehan, Simon Francis, Heather Rogers, Nicola Putnam.

Time to deliver? Depending on specification, but c.5 days

Experience? Members have delivered similar strategies for organisations including Department for Education, Edge Foundation and National Apprenticeship Service.