Crisis management training

The best way to handle a crisis is – of course – not to get into one. Some crises affect everyone though, as we are witnessing now. If you want to improve how you and your organisation communicate during a crisis or respond to your own crisis, it’s never too early, or too late to get expert help.

Our crisis management training is aimed at charities, the public sector (NHS Trusts, care homes, universities etc.) and social enterprises. Cause led and public sector organisations need to guard their reputation closely; it’s a primary asset, as the old saying goes, reputations are difficult to build but easy to lose. These groups also have to communicate to a broader range of constituents than for-profit companies, although the gap is closing.

The Campaign Collective approach starts from the perspective of trying to help you avoid reputation harming responses to a crisis by stress-testing the programmes, strategies and planned communications processes that you currently have.

We can also look at how you managed the COVID-19 crisis and help you plan your way through it, and out the other side. Planning for the ‘unknown unknowns’ and putting in place a framework for a response means you will never be caught off-guard again, even if you don’t have a perfect plan, you will know how to adapt and what you should be doing.

To improve how you respond to future crises our communications training helps prepare spokespeople for the worst and the unknown, and trains the communications team on how to react and when to respond.

We can also help you build your decision-making process and look at how you react in uncertain situations, perhaps when external guidance is changing rapidly, or absent altogether.
What do you do when a crisis drags on? Looking at long term crisis communication, and coming out of a crisis situation. How do you signal a new normal has been reached, or communicate that a return to business as usual is upcoming?

The pandemic has tested everyone. Your response might just have been sending everyone home and putting a banner on your website, but perhaps it was a deep re-imagining of your organisation, pivoting away from in-person services; how did that process work? Was it communicated as well as it could have been?

If you had to reinvent yourself or your organisation during the Lockdowns, and the slow reopening, how has that affected your communications? Are you operating at your best, or is there room for improvement by taking a step back to get some help?

We work mostly with charities, so we know the challenges and opportunities you have. We also know how important budgets are, so we have a simple cost structure that puts the best advice within even the smallest organisation’s grasp.

Training from Campaign Collective will give you the benefit of the knowledge and experience of professional communicators who have worked with some of the biggest names in the country, and internationally. They have been through crises and come out the other side with reputations intact.

We can even develop courses of action to take for specific brand damaging issues on your risk register. Don’t have a risk register? No problem, we can help you work through that too.
And if a crisis does arise, we can work with your organisation’s media and social media teams. With Campaign Collective members based around Europe and globally, we can also offer a 24/7 response service.

Contact us to get the ball rolling.

Cost? £5,200 + VAT