Creating marketing toolkits

Starting a new charity or cause related campaign from scratch is a daunting and exciting time. You have the chance to make your message stand out, cut through the noise and make the world a better place.

There are so many opportunities to get your story across. Each channel has its own needs, strengths and opportunities. Digital, social, PR, print, outdoor, it all has a place and getting everything lined up and looking like a cohesive package with a robust key message can be challenging.

That’s where Campaign Collective can help.

Campaign Collective Members have pioneered and perfected the campaign marketing toolkit approach to helping charity campaigns reach their maximum audience. We’ve worked on nonprofit marketing and advocacy campaigns for unions, health charities, advocacy groups and professional associations.

We all work together across messaging, media outreach, audience testing and segmentation, creative and stakeholder outreach to ensure your campaign will engage supporters and change behaviour.

We design toolkits that in-house communications teams can implement – even if that’s just you – organisational partners or campaign supporters inside or outside your charity.

A well thought out campaign toolkit in the back pocket of all the people with a role in the campaign will ensure everyone is on the same page and delivering the same memorable and shareable phrases that sum up your objectives, provide proof points and deliver a call to action.

These toolkits typically consist of media materials, social media infographics, branding templates and internal communications suggestions.

You get to increase the chance your message will be heard loud and clear and we find it makes campaigns simpler to run and more efficient with your resources.

For example – Campaign Collective developed a campaign toolkit for launching a heat map of social integration in London. The map took five indices of social integration and plotted them into a unique Index, which brought the heat map to life.

It revealed four of 1,021 postcodes examined are ranked “very lacking in diversity” while 222 are “very diverse.”  We created a toolkit of content to support the launch, including examples of using the heat map, interesting diversity highlights, media talking points and a set of images for social media.

Does your charity campaign need a campaign marketing toolkit?

Not only can we help by creating the messaging, research and creative for your campaign, wrap all that up in a toolkit and get in the right hands, but we can help you ensure the marketing toolkits are used, with training for different groups. We can offer ongoing advice and support to aid your charity campaign’s roll-out and help you change the world faster.

Contact us to discuss if a toolkit could be helpful for you.

Cost? £2,400 + VAT